Message from the Chair

Meeting Organizing Committee Chair
Kenji Tabata, Ph.D. (Astellas Pharm Inc.)

On behalf of organizing committee, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 34th Annual Meeting of JSSX from December 9th (Mon) to 12th (Thu), 2019 at the Tsukuba International Congress Center in Ibaraki.

The Japanese Society for the Study of Xenobiotics, JSSX, is scientific societies on basic and applied research on drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics and toxicity, expanding the emerging research fields to regenerative medicine technology, data science and translational science to enhance the interdisciplinary scientific discussion. As science advancing as this society plays important role to develop future scientist encouraging and aspiring each other on the same table "intersection of cutting-edge science".

Research paradigm on drug discovery is dramatically changing and shifting the focus to develop human-mimetic experimental tool that alter animal experiment. The theme of this meeting is entitled "Quantitative elucidation of pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics by integrating pathophysiology-based modeling and bio-mimetic engineering", with the aim that our scientific research should contribute to society’s health improvement through safe and efficacious pharmacotherapy. The progress of science brings the value for the patient.

For this purpose, the meeting will begin with a JSSX Short Course followed by the keynote lecture and welcome reception. After that, the core of the meeting will feature plenary lectures and scientific symposia in a broad spectrum of topics important within this field. In addition, there will be oral and poster presentations, and there will be for Best Poster and Oral Presentations awards. Furthermore, there will be award lectures by recipients of JSSX Awards and Young Investigator Awards.

This is the first JSSX congress in Tsukuba where the international life science park gathers national research institutes; AIST, JAXA et al, these open research facilities can be visited. It is easy to get there taking Tsukuba express, which takes you from Akihabara directly in around 45 hours, with the meeting venue by walk to train station. We hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy this innovative city by attending this meeting.

With best regards,