Space drug discovery symposium


The space environment is an extreme environment that has never been adapted by living things, and its environmental response gives us a new perspective for life science. In recent years, research opportunities in the space environment have become accessible through the International Space Station "KIBO", and physiological adaptation to various new space environments has been clarified. In the near future, human beings may start traveling and living in the space environment, however, there are still unknown in several behaviors such as physiology and drug responses including pharmacokinetics for maintaining human health in the space environment. In this symposium, we will have lectures by leading scientists using space environment in Japan, and then we will discuss the prospect of space drug research in pharmacokinetics.

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9:30-11:45, Dec 10 (Tue.), 2019


Room A (2F Main Convention Hall)


Mouse Mission in "Kibo" / International Space Station (ISS) and Perspective on Pharmacokinetics in Space-Drug Discovery


Hiroshi Fushiki, Ph.D.
(Astellas Pharma Inc., Drug Discovery Research, Analysis & Pharmacokinetic Research Labs.)